Terms and conditions of online purchases

BIOmedis-E d.o.o.

Ivana Lackovića Croate 53b

10020 Odra, Croatia

OIB: HR98012301483


The company is registered in the Commercial Court in Zagreb under No. MBS: 80444274. Account is kept in Privredna banka Zagreb d.d. Zagreb; IBAN HR77 2340 0091 1105 5067 9. Equity capital is equal to 50.000,00 Kuna and paid in full. The authorized person is: Kristina Grujin



Please carefully read these General Terms and Conditions before using the Website „BIOmedis.eu“ in order to buy advertised products or to obtain information about a particular product. If you choose to purchase our products through online web shop; or visit the website to obtain information about a particular product than it is considered that you are familiar and agree with these terms, otherwise BIOmedis-E d.o.o. is released of all responsibility. If you do not agree with these General Terms and Conditions then please do not use thus website for the purpose of purchasing goods or obtaining information about them.

I. The meaning of the terms mentioned in this document

1.    Seller: Company BIOmedis-E d.o.o., Ivana Lackovića Croate 53b, Odra OIB: HR98012301483 the retailer of natural cosmetics, performs under the name „BIOmedis“

2.     „BIOmedis.eu“ – web site owned by the seller

3.    Customer – any person who after reviewing and selecting one of the products carried input together with their data and orderd a product

4.    Users of „BIOmedis.eu“ – anyone who uses the website „BIOmedis.eu“ for purchasing a n advertised product or obtaining information about a particular product

5.    Using „BIOmedis.eu“ – access site via www.biomedis.eu to obtain information about the content same and /or of the realization of the web shop

6.    Buy Online / Web shop- to make a purchase through „BIOmedis.eu“

7.    Products- All products are displayed on the „BIOmedis.eu“, which can be purchased via the web shop

II. General Provisions

1.    These General Terms and Conditions online purchases (hereinafter: General Conditions) regulate the relationship between Members' BIOmedis.eu ", buyer and seller, and in relation to the conditions and method of ordering products, product prices, methods of payment, warranty, complaints and returns, delivery, protection confidentiality of personal data and other issues related to the use of "BIOmedis.eu" and online purchases.

2.    The contract of sale of products between the buyer and seller is concluded at the moment of ordering the product.

3.    Through "BIOmedis.eu" it is possible to purchase the products in Croatia, which includes the delivery of products purchased exclusively in the same area.

4.    Using "BIOmedis.eu" is considered that the user is familiar with the General conditions and that they accept them. Seller takes no responsibility for issues that could possibly arise because User "BIOmedis.eu" did not read the General Terms and Conditions.

5.    These Terms and Conditions online purchases represent, in terms of Article 43 of the Law on consumer protection, prior notification.

6.    The buyer can only be of legal age and competent person. The contract on behalf of and for the account of a minor and a person incapable may conclude their legal representatives or guardians, and partially business capable persons can conclude a contract only with the consent of their legal guardian or guardian. For treatment contrary to this provision Seller is not responsible.

7.    The users of "BIOmedis.eu" shall provide accurate, current and complete personal information when filling out the registration form, a practice contrary to authorize the Seller to refuse such user access or realization of all or part of the services offered "BIOmedis.eu"

8.    Seller is entitled, without prior notice, to change the content of these General Terms and Conditions, range of products, prices thereof, other data related to the web shop as well as all other content "BIOmedis.eu" why are users' BIOmedis.eu "obliged on every visit to the same website review the content of the same. Contrary treatment frees the Vendor from any responsibility.

9.    Seller shall be relieved of all liability for damages that may occur on devices that allow access to "BIOmedis.eu" and the data stored on these devices when using the "BIOmedis.eu" if it has been created as a result of unlawful actions of third parties, computer viruses and similar occurrences and other cases for which the Seller is not responsible. Also, the seller is relieved of any responsibility in the event of circumstances that prevent the use of "BIOmedis.eu"

III. Web shop

1.    Online buying can be achieved only if the customer registers on the appropriate place on the "BIOmedis.eu". When filling the registration form the buyer is obliged to provide accurate, current and complete personal information. The customer is entitled to choose the Seller to inform about new products, products in action Fig. (Newsletter). After a successful registration (correctly completed all required data) on e-mail the Customer will be delivered instructions to confirm registration and e-mail.

2.    Products that can be purchased on "BIOmedis.eu", are listed together with data on the product specification, price, delivery price and other data.

3.    Selection of the desired product is carried out by storing in the "basket" by clicking on the link "Add to cart". If the customer makes a purchase of a product, meanwhile, sold Seller will then contact the customer to agree on how to proceed (reimbursement price, the purchase of another product or the supply of products of the same type when the Seller obtains from its suppliers) name, other than just the abovementioned obligations, not liable to Buyer in the present report, on any grounds.

4.    The "basket" contains all the products that customers chose to purchase along with the price of the product and the price of delivery and total cost (including VAT). If the customer wishes to continue with the purchase of selected link "Order", system automatically leads to the page "Basket" where it is necessary to confirm the data by the customer during registration, delivery address, confirm, or possibly modify the delivery of account and select the payment method ( cash on delivery or credit card payment). Account details may change in relation to whether the account receives a natural person or legal. If an account receives a legal entity it is necessary that the customer entered all the required information.

5.    After execution of the above steps web shop and selecting the "Order" on the "Shopping Cart", the system automatically takes the Purchaser on the "Register" if you are not registered, ie. On page "Order Information" if you have already registered, and where the included data on the number of orders, payment and notification of dispatch confirmation email containing an offer sales of selected products and information about e-mail address and phone number through which the customer can get all the necessary information.

6.    A more detailed explanation of the process of buying online customer can get by selecting the link "How to order" located in the header (footer) to "BIOmedis.eu".

IV. Price
1.   Product prices are in retail. Prices of products and delivery rates are in Kuna and therein contained the corresponding VAT. Seller prominent rates updates every 1 hour which is why there is a possibility that rates are different each one hour on "BIOmedis.eu".

2.   The seller is authorized to change prices without notice and is authorized without prior notice to change prices only for the web shop. Also, the seller is entitled without notice at any time to determine the discount, daily or weekly actions, and actions for a specific product, product group and / or for all products.

3.    Regardless of the previous general conditions, all the ordered goods will be delivered at prices that were valid on checkout.

V. Payment

1.   Payment of purchased product can be made through:

a)  Payment when employee courier arrives.

b) Postal money order at the expense of the company Biomedis-E d.o.o. open at Privredna banka Zagreb d.d.

2.  Payment is completed at the time of receipt of payment on the account of the Vendor by courier home who delivered together with payment, and when the payment is done with a slip; time of receipt of payment on IBAN Seller.


VI. Varanty

1.    For each product range from the Vendor which is featured on "BIOmedis.eu" the buyer has a right to, if not satisfied with the product they may return it and ask for a refund

2.    The complaint is sent to the e-mail info@biomedis.eu or by mail at the company's headquarters Biomedis E-doo, Ivana Lackovic 53b, 10020 Odra.

VII. Delivery

1.    Products that are paid in accordance with the submitted offer will be delivered to you within a maximum of 48 hours, provided that the orders received by 12 am Monday to Friday, working labour, counting from the date of order. In case you purchased the product and the Seller is not able to deliver within the specified time, we shall notify the Customer to agree on a new delivery deadline. In this case, the buyer has the right to terminate the agreement.

2.    The delivery is done via Seller who hires a reputable delivery (courier) Service Overseas.  

3.    When taking the delivered product, buyer is obliged to inspect the delivered product and in the case of visible damage has the right to refuse to accept the same product and ask for a delivery of an undamaged product.

4.    In cases where the buyer receives product which is different from the one they bought, they have the right on a delivery of the actual ordered products, if this is not possible buyer is entitled to a refund of the price paid for the product, cost of delivery and reimbursement of costs of product return and shall return incorrectly delivered product.

5.    During the delivery, with the purchase of the product, the buyer gets an account, and the acknowledgment of receipt that is required to sign. By signing the acknowledgment of receipt is deemed to have taken the product without external visible damage.

6.   For all orders submitted on "BIOmedis.eu" delivery costs are covered by the Seller.

7.    Delivery will be made only to Croatian area.

VIII.  Termination of the contract and refund

1.    The buyer has the right, without giving reasons for doing so, to terminate the contract of sale within 7 working days from the date of taking over the goods by written notice of termination of the contract which is to be delivered to the Seller, on the address of the headquarters.

2.    In the case referred to above, Buyer agrees to return the product delivered to the Seller at its own expense, on the address of the seller.

3.    The buyer is not entitled to terminate the agreement in the cases provided in the Article 49. Law of Consumer Protection.

4.    The buyer has the right to recall, at the expense of the Seller in case:

a.    When the supplied product that is not purchased
b.    When the supplied product is defective

5.    The buyer is, in all cases where refund is made for any product of any kind, a product that is returned to the Seller shall be returned in the original packaging, complete with all of its fittings.

IX. Protection of personal data

1.   Seller collects personal information of Customers only to the extent necessary for the fulfilment of its obligations, for information about new and fantastic products and delivery of promotional materials, improving relationships with customers and to verify other data necessary for online shopping.

2.    Seller is required to protect your personal information in accordance with the Law on protection of personal data and agrees that personal information shall not be forwarded in any way to third parties without the consent of the Purchaser. (Except for data that are necessary partners for the performance of the delivery of the purchased products) From this certain cases are exempt in which the Seller is by a valid order of the authorized state body, in accordance with the law, obliged to provide or allow access to your personal information.

3.   The buyer has the right to request an update, correction or modification of incorrect personal data.

X. Other regulations

1.    Seller entitles customers to use all the services on "BIOmedis.eu" only for personal use, non-commercial purposes. Changing the contents of the "BIOmedis.eu" in any of its form, is prohibited, as well as copying, public performance and similar. The use of content "BIOmedis.eu" on other websites is prohibited.

2.    Seller reserves the right to give the rights to publish any materials, parts "BIOmedis.eu" to the third party only if the signed contract governing the rights and obligations of the Seller and the third party who publishes information.

3.    When buying any product, which is subject to copyright or intellectual property rights, Seller does not give any additional rights to use and publish, except are given the right or permission from the manufacturer / distributor of the product.

4.    When "BIOmedis.eu“ provides appropriate links with the opportunity to visit other websites of other people, which are not owned by the Seller and these General Terms and Conditions when using this Web Site and to apply in relation to the Seller and Buyer. Seller of this website does not control and is not liable for any of them or their contents. Visiting these sites is entirely at Buyers own risk and Seller shall bear no responsibility.

5.    Although Seller invests effort to keep all published information about the product accurate, it is possible that information about a particular product are not updated or accurate, in which case the Seller will notify the Buyer who has submitted the order, after which the buyer has the right to stay with their orders or to amend them . Photos of the products are only illustrative.

6.    Seller reserves the right to publish content in English in cases where:

a)  a product name, has the same parts or functions in English

b)  it is a term in English that is generally accepted in the Croatian language and it is a common terminology

c) there is a risk that important information is not accurate enough to translate into Croatian language, in order for the term not to lose their meaning and purpose

XI. Contact

1.    For further information, compliments, comments, complaints and any other information contact the Seller at:
a)    adress: BIOmedis-E d.o.o., Ivana Lackovića Croate 53b, 10020 Odra, OIB: HR98012301483
b)    Phone: 092 194 0951
c)    e-mail: info@biomedis.euinfo@biomedis.eu


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